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4 must-have accessories for your clay oven

You’re probably already familiar with the flavor and flare of tandoori cooking. The combination of spices, metal skewers, and smokey heat gives the food a unique flavor profile – one that can’t be replicated by using a conventional grill or gas stove. Being properly equipped for tandoori cooking is the key to mastering tandoori cuisine. 

Here are a few must-have accessories you need to add to your culinary arsenal this winter! 

1. Gaddi pads

Gaddi pads refers to the “cotton cushions” that are used to stick naan bread to the tandoor oven’s interior walls. Since they’re designed to trap heat on the inside, one of the biggest challenges with tandoori cooking is the intense blast of heat that comes your way when it’s opened. With average temperatures exceeding 500°F, you need to have a gaddi pad or you risk burning your hands on the hot surface. 

2. Tandoori steel skewers

Cost effective and durable, steel skewers are an excellent choice for cooking meat in a tandoor. They’re not only hygienic and comply with food safety standards, but also environmentally friendly. 

Tandoor Morni’s range of tandoori skewers are made from high quality food grade steel, and available in round and square with varying levels of thickness (4mm, 6mm, 8mm, etc.). They’re ideal for all kinds of tandoori dishes such as tandoori chicken, tandoori lamb, lamb kebabs, etc. 

3. Laser thermometer 

One of the most important accessories you can have for your clay oven is an infrared laser thermometer. How does it work? You point the gun at the wall of your tandoor and it gives you a temperature reading on your device’s screen within seconds. 

With extremely high heat and short cooking times, it’s important to be able to measure high temperatures accurately and safely to achieve the perfect cook each time! 

4. Bread tools 

Similar to gaddi pads, bread tools are useful in safely removing the naan bread from the walls once it’s been cooked. It has a hook and spade so you can easily slip the spade in between the naan bread and the oven wall, and then use the hook to grab the naan off the surface of the oven. 

Grab your tandoor oven online!

If you’re looking for a reliable manufacturer and supplier of gas tandoors and clay ovens, Tandoor Morni is an excellent choice. A clay pot fitted in a stainless steel drum, our tandoors are highly reliable and long lasting. We have prioritized ease of use and durability in our design to offer the ideal cooking solution for virtually any skill level. 



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