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Celebrating festivals & special occasions with tandoori feasts

While we all love the joy that special occasions bring into our lives, nothing beats a traditional grand feast. After all, there is a reason why food has been the centerpiece of every special event – it embodies the spirit of bringing people together to enjoy the richness of culture and traditions.

From rich and creamy malai boti, and classic seekh kabab to juicy chicken tikka, desi cuisine celebrates flavours in a way that no other cuisine does. With a wide variety of spices and fresh ingredients, traditional tandoori dishes can make any occasion special. 

Read on as we go over everything there is to know about tandoori feasts…

The tandoor tradition

Originating from the Indian subcontinent, the tandoor is a traditional clay oven used for cooking various dishes. Its unique design allows for cooking at high temperatures and imparting a distinct smoky flavor to the food. Tandoori cooking is a testament to the art of traditional cooking, where marinated meats, vegetables, and even bread are cooked to smokey perfection within the confines of the clay walls.

Tandoor ovens are wildly popular across the Middle East, India, and Pakistan. And now Tandoor Morni brings the heritage of the tandoor oven to the USA & Canada too!

Ideal celebrations = Tandoori feasts

What better way to mark the special moments than with a tandoori feast? Whether it’s Diwali, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Eid, or a family reunion, a tandoori feast can infuse an extra layer of warmth and flavor into the celebration. 

Must-try tandoori dishes! 

Grilled fish masala: This fish dish is a perfect light starter for a BBQ. Rub filets of white fish with lemon juice, salt, and coriander and leave to sit for 30 minutes while preparing a marinade of yogurt, ginger, garlic powder, and garam masala. Then marinate the fish in the yogurt mix for an hour before placing the fish on skewers and cooking them in the tandoor  for at least 7 minutes. 

Tandoori chicken skewers: Tandoori chicken on skewers are perfect with rice or naan. Cut your raw chicken breasts into small pieces. Take your chicken chunks and mix them in a sauce of lemon juice, yogurt, ginger, tandoori masala, garlic, and some chili. You can leave them to marinate or get them straight onto your skewers. 

Add some peppers, tomatoes, or any other vegetable to add taste and variety to your skewers (whatever veggie you like!). Finally, add them to the tandoor and cook them until the chicken is cooked.

Everything from fish to chicken tikka tastes better when cooked in a heated tandoor. Don’t believe us? Come grab your home tandoor today and try it for yourself!



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