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Century-old cooking techniques with modern-day tandoors

Have you ever wondered how our ancestors whipped up tasty tandoori dishes with just the basic elements? Their ingenuity gave us methods that transcend time. Such ancient cooking techniques are still in use, thanks to the modern-day tandoors.

While tandoors are traditionally used in Indian and Pakistani cuisine, they are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. And for good reason too! These tandoors are versatile cooking equipment that can be used to create delicious and authentic dishes from diverse cultures.

Now, with innovations like the tandoors from Tandoor Morni, we are experiencing a harmonious blend of age-old techniques with modern flair. Let’s have a look at this transformation!

Hot Spring Cooking

Nature’s jacuzzi, the hot springs, weren’t just for relaxation. These geothermal gifts were also nature’s ovens. With a delightful cakey texture, bread was created by slow steaming it beside these springs for hours. Today’s version? The same principle but with contemporary, heat-resistant containers.

Earth Ovens

Dig a pit, fill it with heat, and voila, you have an earth oven! A universal technique, earth ovens were culinary mainstays for ancient folks. The genius behind these ground kitchens is believed to have evolved into what we today know and cherish as tandoor ovens. The charm of these early earth ovens lives on in the design and function of modern tandoors like those from our Tandoor range.

Baking in Ash

Baking bread right in the ashes might seem archaic, but it’s a method that delivers unique flavors. With the suitable wood ash, bread gets enveloped in a distinct, smoky aroma. Modern chefs, aiming for that authentic touch, often turn to this method, introducing a deep, charred flavor to their dishes.

Stone Boiling

The simple act of dropping heated stones into water vessels was revolutionary. It was a controlled, gentle way of cooking, marking the birth of soups and stews. Today, the essence of this technique is in understanding and mastering varying heat levels for perfect savoury outcomes.

In the vast world of culinary arts, the ancient and the modern are intricately intertwined. Traditional methods, which once ruled primitive kitchens, are now celebrated and elevated with contemporary tools. The tandoors from Tandoor Morni are a perfect example of this combination, symbolizing the fusion of time-honored practices and modern innovation.

So, when you next enjoy a dish from a Tandoor oven, know that you’re relishing a meal and a timeless legacy seamlessly brought into the present.



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