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Choosing the right tandoori skewers for your tandoor oven

Imagine a cozy evening, the tandoor oven glowing warmly in the corner. As you prepare for the chargrill, a range of tandoori skewers is laid out – some slender for vegetables, others sturdier for meats. The choice of the right skewer, be it stainless steel or bamboo, shapes the flavor and texture of every dish that comes out of the tandoor. 

The skewer’s thickness, length, and material directly impact how the heat travels through the food, so it’s essential that you choose the right tandoori skewers for your tandoor oven. 

Understanding the skewers’ specifications

Know that the skewer’s weight is as crucial as its size. Light skewers can cause uneven cooking, particularly in the intense heat of the tandoor, while heavy skewers might cook the food too slowly. This balance is essential for achieving the iconic tandoori char and smokiness.

Choosing the perfect skewer

  • For delicate foods: Slim 3mm or 5mm skewers are ideal for seafood and vegetables, allowing them to cook quickly yet retain their delicate flavors.
  • For hearty meats: Thicker 6mm skewers or 8mm skewers are recommended for chicken and lamb, providing robust support for even heat distribution.
  • Specialized choices: Paneer and certain kebabs require thinner square skewers, while 8mm square skewers are perfect for kofta and seekh kebabs.
  • For large meat cuts: Serrated-edge skewers are best suited for whole chickens or larger cuts. 

Naan skewers

Making the perfect naan bread in a tandoor requires specific skewers – hook and paddle types. These specialized ones ensure that each naan has a crispy crust and a fluffy interior, a signature of authentic tandoori cooking.

Skewers beyond tandoor

In contemporary cooking setups, skewers have diversified. Chargrills and charbroilers use skewers of varying thicknesses, from 10mm to 20mm, to accommodate different culinary requirements, adding flexibility to the cook’s toolkit.

Choosing skewers for your home

Home chefs have a choice between the sleek durability of stainless-steel skewers and the natural, aesthetic appeal of bamboo. Each type brings its unique flair to the cooking and presentation of tandoori dishes.

Maintaining your skewers

Proper maintenance of skewers is key. You should ensure each skewer is thoroughly cleaned and correctly stored after use for extending its lifespan and maintaining its effectiveness. 

So, in every tandoori dish, the skewer plays a crucial role. Whether in a bustling restaurant or a home kitchen, selecting the right skewer and caring for it properly is essential for creating those delectably cooked, flavor-rich meals. Try out our tandoormorni tandoori skewers for a perfect tandoori experience!



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