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Commercial tandoors for restaurant businesses | Tandoor Morni

If you’re serving Indian cuisine, the most important piece of equipment you can have in your kitchen is a tandoor. Tandoor clay ovens are perfect for cooking different types of meats and bread. Naan in particular is an excellent dish to cook in a tandoor oven. The dough sticks to the thick, well-insulated walls and cooks to perfection for a truly authentic flavor. 

Tandoor Morni is the leading manufacturer and supplier of gas tandoors and clay ovens in Canada and USA. We have designed our entire line of tandoors and clay ovens after performing extensive research. A clay pot fitted in a stainless steel drum, our tandoors are highly reliable and long lasting. We have prioritized ease of use and durability in our design to offer the ideal cooking solution for virtually any skill level. 

Benefits of a commercial tandoor 

The key to a tandoor oven’s functionality is its ability to lock in heat. One of the biggest advantages of using a tandoor oven is that once it reaches a particular temperature, it can maintain that temperature for a really long time without the need for additional fuel. This not only leads to a quicker prep time, but also gives the dishes a unique flavor profile. 


commercial tandoor

Our tandoors typically last long and require low maintenance. They do not require much cleaning; it’s recommended that you clean the burner twice a year and use a brass brush to regularly scrub the plates. It’s also perfect for healthy cooking, and you can cook just about anything in a tandoor oven. Popular dishes include flatbreads, chicken tandoori, and lamb and vegetable kebabs. 

Why choose us 

Each of our products have been designed by skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable professionals who are experts in blending traditional designs with modern concepts. Contact us for top-class tandoors of unmatched quality. 

  • NSF certified
  • CSA certified
  • Seasoned clay for functionality
  • Exterior stainless steel casing
  • Low operational costs
  • Durability and reliability



Restaurant Commercial Tandoor - CH02

Restaurant Commercial Tandoor - CH04

Restaurant Commercial Tandoor - CH06


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