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Creating Homemade tandoori oven or clay oven Naan Bread Gaddi (Bread Pad)

You can get the desired tandoori oven or tandoor clay oven naan bread gaddi (Bread Pad) by following the instructions in the way shown below. Doing it yourself is straightforward and simple.It only requires that you fold a piece of pure cotton material like a towel. Once folded, secure it in place by tying a cotton strip to both sides. Do not panic; I am aware that it won’t be spherical but it will still function.

After that, choose larger squares of heavy tweed or cotton fabric. In the center, place the cotton that had previously been wrapped and tied. The strong tweed cloth should be folded such that the four corners meet at the center to make a knot.Your gaddi is ready once you’ve tied them for cooking in tandoori oven or clay oven Naan Bread. Now that the tandoori oven or tandoor clay oven’s walls are hot, you may use the gaddi to slap your naans on them with the utmost elegance.

Give us a chance to send you a tandoor oven or clay tandoori oven if and when you decide to do so so that you can enjoy the most authentic naan bread possible. In addition, gaddis will be delivered at no additional cost to you.

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