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How to clean your tandoori skewers

Indian cuisine has a rich history and tandoori cooking is no exception! Rich, aromatic, and spicy, tandoori dishes are made to perfection, packing enough heat and flavor to make your meal unforgettable. You can cook just about anything in a tandoor from tender and juicy tandoori chicken and lamb to crispy, fluffy naan breads. 

Whatever you cook inside your tandoor oven, make sure you clean and maintain the hygiene of your tandoori skewers

Cleaning stainless steel skewers

If you’re using stainless steel skewers, you can remove any unwanted food or debris by scrubbing them gently with soap and water. To achieve maximum cleanliness, place the skewers in a hot tandoor for 10-15 minutes after you’re done giving them a gentle scrub-down. This can get tiresome but it’s very important to regularly clean your skewers if you want to maintain proper food hygiene. 

Alternatively, you can also clean your skewers by using an aluminum foil or skewer cleaning tool such as a brush scraper. The bristles allow for easy dirt removal without any damage to the equipment. 

Cleaning steel skewers

Steel skewers can be slightly trickier to clean. If you notice the build-up of rust, use aluminum foil to scrub it away. Brush them with vegetable oil to loosen the dust and debris before firing up the tandoor oven. Place the skewers inside for 10-15 minutes to remove any unwanted accumulation on the metal. 

Once clean, if you don’t plan on using the skewers right away, brush them with vegetable oil and store them in a place where there’s no dust. Whatever you do, do NOT use wax or petroleum jelly even for storage. 

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Tandoor Morni’s range of tandoori skewers are made from high quality food grade steel, and available in round and square with varying levels of thickness (4mm, 6mm, 8mm, etc.). They’re ideal for all kinds of tandoori dishes such as tandoori chicken, tandoori lamb, lamb kebabs, etc. 

Cost effective and durable, they’re an excellent choice for cooking meat in a tandoor. They’re not only hygienic and comply with food safety standards, but also recyclable and environmentally friendly.



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