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Restaurant & home tandoor clay ovens

Have you ever enjoyed a smoky, perfectly grilled tandoori chicken or had the crispy edge of freshly baked naan bread and thought, “How do they make this?” Well, it’s all thanks to the mighty tandoor oven! So, let’s do some digging about tandoor clay ovens, most often used in restaurants and homes. And after finding out more, who knows you might buy one from us for your porch or a professional kitchen!

Tandoori clay oven? Tell me more!

A tandoor  oven is a typical cooking vessel made of clay and stainless steel that looks like just a drum. It can reach temperatures as high as 480°C (900°F) and uses wood, charcoal, or gas as fuel. You can cook plenty of dishes in a tandoor clay oven. The most famous dishes made in a tandoor clay oven are paneer tikka, naan bread, and tandoori chicken.

The portable clay ovens that are easily available commercially are designed for outdoor events and restaurants with the best capacity. The finest tandoor clay oven presently in the market is Tandoor Morni’s CS02 – Clay Oven Tandoor, which you can buy from us anytime you want!

Tandoor models we feature

When it comes to Tandoor Morni, the experience is far more important than just the ovens. We want you to make the best possible choice for your needs & requirements so here are some pros and cons of restaurant and home tandoors. 

Restaurant Tandoors


  • With an efficient 100,000 BTU, the oven ensures exquisite dishes every time.
  • Having CSA and NSF certifications, it ensures the safety of everyone in the surroundings. Remember, safety always comes first!


  • They are big and mighty. You’ll need an appropriate location for placing them.

Home Tandoors


  • It is compact so suitable for events in the backyard and fits in most places.
  • With a pure Indian clay interior and radiating stainless steel outside, it is a magnificent and durable cooking vessel.
  • Whether you like crispy naans or luscious kebabs, this oven can cook up your favorite dishes in no time with effective heat controls and high heat cooking. .


  • It requires some delicate handling.

Why you should say yes to Tandoor Morni

Gear Up: Every accessory comes with a tandoor setup. For all your tandoor adventures, you can get bread rods, skewers, and an entire manual for convenience.

Safety Comes First: Items stay hot but safe due to in-built features like on-wheel brakes and effective insulation.

Quality Assurance: We take immense pride in our authentic clay pots. They might have some aging issues, but with our instruction manuals and tips, they’ll be your cooking partner for a very long time.

A Range of Choices: So many options are available. Although the CS01 Tandoor model is a hit, we have a lot more.

Also, the accessories are worth talking about! The skewers made of stainless steel are ideal for your marinated vegetables and meats. And with breadsticks, you’ll come to love naan and other flatbreads.

To sum up, Tandoor Morni is your partner in all the fun & excitement when you plan the next huge backyard BBQ party or if you’re an expert chef wanting to bring authenticity to your cuisine.



Restaurant Commercial Tandoor - CH02

Restaurant Commercial Tandoor - CH04

Restaurant Commercial Tandoor - CH06


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