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Start cooking with your tandoor!

Any outdoor cooking experience can be upgraded with tandoor ovens, even if it’s for your household or whenever you have guests around. From the mouthwatering aroma that accompanies the unique cooking process to the actual final flavor of your dishes, a tandoor oven will make you wonder what you were even doing with barbecues and grills before! 

They have traditionally been used in Western, Central, Southern Asia, and South Caucasian countries, but now tandoors are starting to pop up in Europe and more areas too.

Another feature that distinguishes the tandoor is that…it’s not only used for meat! You can cook a much wider variety of food in tandoor ovens, from bread to vegetables and meat. They also maintain your desired temperature for hours without requiring additional heat, which makes them an eco-friendly option and much more practical for outdoor parties and events.

Traditional vs. modern tandoor

A tandoor is a cylindrical clay or metal oven that uses charcoal or wood as its heat source. Traditionally, it is buried in the ground to maintain an even and intense temperature. However, modern techniques have made tandoors more accessible. 

The modern tandoor’s interior is lined with clay, which helps retain heat and ensures even cooking. A traditional tandoor oven uses firewood or charcoal as fuel, but the modern tandoor is more convenient and allows you to adjust the temperature to avoid burning your food. It relies on convection, radiant heating, and smoking to cook the food. This means that it’ll result in a distinctive smoky smell and flavor.

We use double stainless steel casings to improve heat retention even more. This material is more resistant to pressure, heat, and chemical attack, resulting in a more reliable and durable oven that will last you a lifetime.

What can tandoors do for you?

  • Authentic flavors at home: With a home tandoor, you can enjoy the authentic flavors of Indian cuisine without compromising on taste. The high temperatures and smoky environment recreate the essence of traditional tandoor cooking, giving your dishes that signature tandoori touch.
  • Versatility of dishes: Tandoors are incredibly versatile. You can prepare a wide array of dishes, including tandoori chicken, kebabs, naan bread, stuffed vegetables, and even desserts like tandoori pineapple and tandoori pizza. The possibilities are endless, making it a must-have for adventurous cooks.
  • Healthier cooking options: Cooking in a tandoor is healthier compared to other methods like frying. The high heat locks in the natural juices of the food, requiring little to no fats or oils.
  • Ease of use: Based on the common belief that tandoors are challenging to handle, modern domestic tandoors are designed with convenience in mind. They are user-friendly and come with easy-to-understand instructions, making them accessible even to beginners.
  • Indoor and outdoor cooking: Tandoor ovens are available in various sizes and designs;  some are suitable for indoor use, while others are perfect for outdoor cooking. So, whether you have a spacious backyard or a cozy kitchen, there’s a tandoor that will fit your space and needs.

We’re not done yet! 

Our tandoor ovens are a premium and durable choice with a wide variety of styles and sizes, making them a perfect match for your household’s needs, budget, and even your outdoor decor.

So, browse Tandoor Morni and visit our tandoor range to get more information about your favorite tandoor. Enjoy your tandoori cooking!



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