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The Origin of Grilling Skewers

Since very few people are aware of their significance, the grill skewers should not be viewed as an accessory but rather as an integral part of the tandoori oven or tandoor clay oven. Without grilling skewers, tandoori oven or clay oven meals would not be possible. Below is all you need to know about tandoori oven or clay oven grill skewers.

The Origin of Grilling skewers

Grill skewers have very little written evidence, but excavations have uncovered tandoori oven or tandoor clay oven remnants that have been carbon-dated to be hundreds of years old. People who have been creating tandoori oven or tandoor clay oven for decades tell tales about how the grill skewers came into existence.

The Original Grilling skewer

The earliest grill skewers were twigs made of a particular type of wood that, when cut from the tree, was precisely the right size and shape. The wetness and roughness of the twig-like grill skewer kept the meat,fish,vegetables,shrimps on the rough surface and withstood the heat for a sufficient amount of time in the tandoori oven or tandoor clay oven. The meat,fish,vegetables,shrimps typically cooked before the moisture in the wooden twig-like skewer actually evaporated, turning the wood to carbon, because tandoori oven or clay oven cooking was so quick.

Grilling skewers made of iron

In India, the production of weaponry and household items throughout the Iron Age led to the development of cast iron grilled skewers.

Metal Grilling skewers

They are currently the most widely sold grilled skewers and are commonly referred to as mild steel grilled skewers. These skewers were produced in large quantities using inexpensive stainless steel that was simple to deal with. This is now the most affordable type of grilled skewers available. Because stainless steel grilled skewers, which are the newest trend, are easier to maintain and more widely available than cast iron grilled skewers, the food on these skewers is thought to be of the best taste. Despite the fact that they require more attention due to the material’s nature, steel grilled skewers hold food better than stainless steel ones, which are more slippery.

Stainless Steel Grilling skewers

The most recent style of grilled skewers are made of stainless steel

The newest grilling skewers are simple to maintain and made of stainless steel, which is hygienic. These days, practically all new restaurants like Indian restaurants, catering businesses, cloud kitchens, tiffin service providers request these grill skewers. However, chefs who are aware of the differences between iron, steel, and stainless steel skewers still favor iron or steel grilled skewers, depending on how much maintenance is required to produce the best skewered cuisine like paneer tikka, chicken tikka made using chicken skewers or fish tikka.

Grilling Skewers Tip

The form and finish of a skewer  tip are also crucial for how well it enters the food that will be cooked, even if it is only seen as a means of making an easy entry into the meat,pork,fish or vegetable like tomatoes,onions or soya or bell peppers or any vegetable of choice.

A very sharp tip that is frequently used today is called a grind, which is typically not preferred by professional chefs because this is the part of the skewers that takes the most abuse from being inserted into hard meat, to being beaten when pulling cooked meat or cleaning, and of course this is the part that gets extremely hot since it is typically right next to the flame most of the time.

Shapes of Grilling Skewers

This is still another crucial element since the shape of the pan—round or square—can affect the kind of food that is cooked.For example the Paneer Tikka (Cottage Cheese Tikka) cannot be prepared on a circular skewers because, after heating, the food’s dryness will cause it to slip, whereas chicken,meat,fish or pork would be quite difficult to manage after being prepared on  square skewers. Although some manufacturers also use hexagonal grilled skewers, Tandoor Morni’s tandoori oven or tandoor clay oven maintain the authenticity of traditional tandoori oven or clay oven cooking by only using round and square grilling skewers in a range of sizes and weights.

Weight of Grilling Skewers 

The majority of individuals who use grill skewers don’t think about how much skewers weight can affect the cooking quality of food being cooked, but at Tandoor Morni, we take care to supply the proper weight of grill skewers for usage in restaurants, homes and catering businesses.

Skewers that are too light can overheat internally, cooking the food more quickly and failing to support the weight of the food, causing it to bulge.

If food like meat, pork or beef is excessively heavy, it will take too long to warm up inside and make the user tired because they will have to take it out and put it back again in the tandoor oven or clay tandoori oven.

Thick and Thin Grilling Skewers

According to the needs of the food being cooked, Tandoor Morni’s grilled skewers are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. In addition to the usual skewer, a set of 12 pieces that comes free with every Tandoor Morni Restaurant and Catering Tandoor, we manufacture grilled skewers in the forms and thicknesses listed below.

For mushrooms and other similar foods, 

  1. Very thin round grilled skewers.
  2. Shrimp and other seafood on very thin square grilled skewers.
  3. Grilled skewers known as chicken skewers that are commonly used for meat, fish, kebabs, and other veggies are round and square shaped.
  4. For exceptionally hefty entire meats, very thick grill skewers are used.

Grilling Skewer upkeep and cleaning before each use

Every time you cook, it’s crucial to clean and preserve the grilled skewers and skewers grill to preserve the sanitation. It’s better to clean them after each usage so they’re ready for the next order than to prepare them from scratch.

Steel Grilling Skewers

When used for the first time, you can discover that they are a little corroded because of the moisture that they may have absorbed during sea passage. To get rid of the rust-like film, wipe the skewers with aluminum foil. Use vegetable oil to clean them, then let the oil sit on the metal for a while. If at all possible, store them vertically hanging in a location where dust won’t collect on the vegetable oil that has just been applied on the skewers.

Empty grilled skewers should be placed in the tandoor oven or clay tandoori oven for the first time to clear out any undesired buildup on the metal while your tandoori oven or tandoor clay oven is still hot. Vegetable oil and any foreign matter that may have accumulated during its shipment and storage will be removed by the tandoor oven or clay tandoori oven’s strong heat.

After 20 minutes of heating, remove skewers and let them cool. FInally, the skewers are ready to be used to cook the food once they have cooled down.

If you don’t want to use the skewers right away but will do so in a day or two, apply another very thin layer of vegetable oil and store them as instructed.

Never coat the grilled skewers with wax or petroleum jelly, not even for storage.

Usage of Grilled Skewers

  • Frequently Used

After use, allow the skewers to cool before using aluminum foil to brush off any food residue that may have become attached. If the particles are challenging to remove using the aluminum foil ball, consider using a cleaning instrument with a blunt blade or another grilled skewer.

How to use stainless steel grilling skewers

Initial Use

Even though stainless steel is supposed to be spotless and clean when it gets to you, you should still clean the grill skewers with soap and water to make sure nothing unhygienic gets on to them during shipping. After being cleaned, place the grilled skewers for 10 to 15 minutes in the hot tandoor oven or clay tandoori oven. This will guarantee a really clean skewer.

Common Use

A piece of aluminum foil, a scrubber, or other skewer cleaning tool should be used to thoroughly clean the skewers after each usage. After each usage, you can wash them with soap and a scrubber and then wipe them down with a dry cloth. Place skewers vertically on a wall rather than horizontally on a table.

Grilling Skewers STAND

We provide stand-alone skewer stands and tandoor mounted stands to make handling grilling skewers easier for you. Write to us at [email protected] for more information about Tandoor Morni Skewer Stands. 

Your Tandoor Morni Tandoor grilling skewers will last you a very long time with little maintenance.

Even with intensive daily use, the Tandoor Morni Tandoor Stainless Steel Skewer should last you a very long time with a little care.

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