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What makes Tandoori Chicken prepared in tandoor oven or clay tandoori oven so healthy?

Tandoori Chicken is delicious and has a smoky flavor that is hard to resist. We all order tandoori chicken with naan bread when we are in the mood for something delicious at some point in our lives. 

Tandoori chicken is a nutritious dish because of the quantity of lean meat and the cooking method. Traditionally, it was prepared in a clay tandoor or clay pot. Tandoor oven or clay tandoori oven is a form of oven that can be made of clay. The tandoor oven or clay tandoori oven is heated by  wood, charcoal or gas. Indians across the USA and Canada favor using a clay tandoori oven to cook a variety of tandoori food items. These tandoor ovens or clay tandoori ovens may reach temperatures of up to 900 F.

Tandoori chicken is low in calories and fat since fat gets drained out during the process of BBQing in tandoor oven or clay tandoori oven. Lean protein can be found in chicken breasts. For anyone who is concerned about keeping good health and a balanced weight, it is strongly advised to prepare the food in tandoor oven or clay tandoori oven.

Enhances Mental Health

Fat and carb intake are reduced when eating tandoori chicken prepared in tandoor oven. The nutritional value of Tandoori Chicken is increased by the herbs that are used as flavor. Tandoori chicken is said to be helpful for the wellness of your brain!

Serotonin is known to be increased by chicken, which results in less stress and mood swings. Alzheimer’s disease risk is decreased by tandoori chicken. Vitamins B5, B3, and B6 are among the elements found in chicken. Naan or bread should be served with chicken. The best nutrients are added to your meal when it includes whole grain naan, flatbread and roti along with grilled vegetables.

Facilitates metabolism

Due to its high selenium content, chicken helps people burn calories more quickly. The body’s metabolic rate is enhanced by selenium.

Tandoori Chicken shouldn’t contain artificial food coloring. The spices in tandoori chicken prepared in tandoor oven or clay tandoori oven give it a natural color.

Tandoori chicken can be a regular part of your diet. Tandoori Chicken is unquestionably the greatest delectable option if you want to include chicken in your diet every day as a high source of protein.

Of course, tandoori chicken is a fantastic recipe that is both delicious and healthy. It is a part of many well-known celebrities’ healthy diet plans. Simply grab a tandoor oven or clay tandoori oven from tandoormorni.com and start cooking your preferred food, or place an immediate order online.

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