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Why is naan bread cooked in a tandoor oven

Indian cuisine is relished by people from across the globe due to its aromatic flavors, hearty use of spices, and complex cooking techniques. A melting pot of different cultures, the diversity of the subcontinent is evident in its food. North Indian cuisine features rich aromatic gravies, flavorful vegetable stir frys, and perfectly marinated meat often served with a chapati or deliciously crispy naan bread. The naan bread is baked in a tandoor oven so it has that familiar crust with a chewy and light center. 

The use of the tandoor dates back to over 5000 years ago in the Indus Valley region, home to one of the oldest known civilizations, and it’s still widely used today in South Asian cooking. In case you’re wondering why cooking bread in a hollow dome is any better than cooking it in a simple gas or electric oven, here’s why. 

Tandoor vs Oven – Key differences

Though both appliances are used for cooking food, there are a number of key differences between tandoor ovens and other commonly used household ovens (electric, gas, microwave, etc.) 

Here’s how they’re different. 

What is an oven?

A regular oven uses a heating element such as gas or electricity to create heat in an enclosed insulated chamber. Ovens are a commonly used household appliance used for heating, baking, and roasting food. While tandoors are used to bake flatbreads by sticking the dough to the clay walls of the tandoor, most modern ovens have metal appliances with grill hot plates and cabinets. 

What is a tandoor?

A tandoor oven is a cooking vessel that’s hollow on the inside with only one opening at the top through which heat can escape. By trapping heat within the enclosed walls of the dome, it can reach very high temperatures with a single load of charcoal. Tandoor ovens are excellent for cooking a variety of dishes like meats, vegetables, and breads. 

You can cook just about anything in a traditional tandoor but tandoori chicken, tandoori lamb, chicken tikka, and naan bread are considered the mainstays of tandoori cooking. 

Why you should cook your naan bread in a tandoor oven

So, why should you cook your naan bread in a tandoor oven?

Even though the traditional oven works upon the same principles, it flavors the food much more deeply by creating taste and textures that are far superior and much more intense. This unique method of cooking ensures that the naan bread is evenly cooked with some iconic and lightly charred uneven edges. 

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