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Why tandoori food is good for your health

Food isn’t just about satisfying your hunger…  It’s something that’s both delicious and nourishing. Although all foods can be delicious, the feelings of guilt that often follow eating junk, fried, or unhealthy options is an unwanted burden for many. 

So, why not enjoy a healthier alternative that’s just as flavorful? Tandoori food is a great option. Instead of frying your meals, you can try making tasty tandoori versions at home. The health benefits of tandoori food might make you even more interested in firing up your tandoor oven

Low-fat cooking:

When it comes to eating healthy, the way you cook your food matters a lot. Instead of deep-frying or using a lot of oil, try tandoori cooking, which involves grilling or baking the food in a clay oven. This cooking technique helps preserve the natural flavors of the ingredients and reduces the need for excessive oils or fats. Therefore, tandoori dishes are lower in calories and healthier compared to fried foods. 

Lean proteins:

Tandoori food, especially meat dishes, primarily focuses on lean protein sources like chicken, fish, and shrimp. These protein-rich meats are marinated with a mixture of spices, yogurt, and lemon, which not only enhances the flavor but also adds nutritional value. Lean proteins aid in muscle growth and repair, boost metabolism, and promote satiety, making them ideal for weight management and muscle building.

Tandoori cuisine also offers a diverse range of options for individuals with dietary restrictions such as gluten intolerance or lactose sensitivity. Many tandoori dishes, like tandoori chicken or grilled vegetables, are naturally free of gluten and dairy, making them suitable for those with specific dietary needs. This inclusivity allows everyone to enjoy the delicious flavors and get the health benefits of tandoori food.

Rich in antioxidants:

When we talk about tandoori food, we can’t ignore the delightful blend of fragrant spices it uses. Spices like turmeric, cumin, coriander, paprika, and ginger are just a few examples found in tandoori marinades. These spices not only make the food taste amazing but also bring various health advantages. Many of these spices have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can strengthen your immune system, reduce oxidative stress, and lower the chances of illness.

Retains nutritional value:

Tandoori cooking takes great care to retain the nutrients in the ingredients.  The intense heat of the clay oven preserves the natural juices and minerals, locking in their goodness within the food. So when you enjoy a tandoori meal, you can be confident that you’re getting the maximum nutritional value from the ingredients. 

Tandoori food not only tastes great but also benefits your health. Its cooking method reduces fat, focuses on lean proteins, incorporates spices rich in antioxidants, preserves nutritional value, and offers gluten-free and dairy-free options. This makes it an excellent choice for those striving for a healthier lifestyle. 

So the next time you’re craving a delicious meal, consider doing your health a favor and going tandoori!



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